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The Cabindan National Movement’s Letter to Angola’s President!

May 16, 2009

The urgent need to stop Angola’s war against the UN ideal of universal peace!

Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

the “Urgent Need to Stop Angola’s War Against
the United Nations’ Ideal of Universal Peace” is the title of the Cabindan National Movement’s letter sent to Angola’s President, in this instance Mr. José Eduardo dos Santos, through his Ambassador to the United Nations in New York. It is about the rightful and peaceful struggle of the Cabinda people to free themselves from the Angolan colonial yoke since 1975. So, please take the time to open and read the full letter in question whose link you find above, and feel free to let us know any related comment or suggestion likelely to help us in this national endeavor. We sincerely thank you for your time and help in this matter. May the Good Lord bless you, yor family and dear ones. By Bartolomeu Capita, Chairman of the Cabindan National Movement.